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The House signs the $1.9T COVID-19 Relief Check

Yesterday the House of Representatives signed Joe Biden's Plan for the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief check .

The Vote:

The House of Representatives voted 275-134, making it through the House and on to the Senate. The House is more liberal and more likely to vote with Joe Biden as it is mostly Democrats. The Senate is more Conservative, with half of them being Republican. It tends to vote against Joe Biden.

What's Next:

What will happen next really matters on if the Senate approves the bill or not. If it does, I will be writing a story on it to detail this. If it does then there would be a $15 dollar per hour minimum wage, every American would get $2,450 per month, and there will be mass vaccination. As I said in the last article, it would take just until Fall to get the economy where we were before COVID 19. While without it, it would take until 2024, the next presidential election.

My Thoughts:

As the House passed it , I do very much hope that it gets passed by Senate. But if it doesn't then I think Joe Biden will make a new plan to help stop COVID and help the economy get back up to were it once was.

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