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Joe Biden tries to get a 1.9 TRILLION DOLLAR COVID 19 Relief Check thru Congress

Joe Biden and the Democrats have an idea for a 1.9 trillion dollar relief check. It includes making the minimum wage $15 an hour, help preventing the spread of COVID 19, and mass vaccination.


This will help families who are struggling to make ends meet and will hurt the spread of COVID 19. Without this bill it would take until 2024 to get the economy where it was before COVID 19. While with the bill, it would only take until Fall of 2021-- not even ten months from now.


Though 1.9 trillion dollars is a lot, only 9 countries even have an GDP bigger than 1.9T, The US has a GDP of 21.43 trillion dollars so the relief bill would be 8.9% of the US GDP.

What Do Economist Say on the $15 Minimum Wage:

Most economists can agree that a 15 dollar minimum wage will help in the short term and in the long turn, some say, it would cause bad inflation, Others say it would not cause inflation and will help lot of people get out of poverty.

My Opinion:

It will help in long term pass it. We will make the 1.9T back within a few years if we pass the bill.

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